The Trees The Fork

You are at the fork of the 3 intertwined trees.

Climb the Hemlock

The center tree is a western hemlock, strong and rigid. It doesn't wrap around the other two but acts as a scaffold from which they gain their strength. It's branches sprout parallel to the trunk sliding through the gaps from the other two trees. They arc wide and green needles cover them draping like cloth toward the ground. It is the oldest and largest of the 3 trees. Hanging from the upper branches lay trails of lichen and vines of ivy. They link the trees together and give paths for any brave enough to traverse them.

Climb the Oak

One the two trees wrapping the hemlock is a majestic dying oak. Much of his bark has been stripped revealing beautiful bleached deadwood. Occasionally an entrenched gall can be seen hanging off of his precious few remaining thin branches near the top and the occasional cavity from a missing branch long fallen leads to a knotted and meandering appearance. Though he is younger than the hemlock backbone of the trio, he had much stronger growth when they were first getting established. His roots grow wide and deep but they are more recently being outpaced by his counterparts. Visible from the fork is a series of carvings on the main branch depicting past projects.

Climb the Maple

The second and youngest of the three trees is a massive maple. She is vibrant, green, and sweet. Where the hemlock grows rigid and un-meandering, the maple takes her time and has little agenda. She was established later, though you can see signs that her growth was just ignored until recently. Where the oak's branches have little to no new growth, the maple has new buds and sprouts on every single one of her numerous branches. Like the oak's carvings which have withered with age, the maple also has a newer set of carvings. They are fewer but in a very similar style.