The Trees The Fork Hemlock

You are climbing the mighty hemlock. It is much taller than its siblings and appears clearer of purpose as it grows straight into the sky without bending.

Head to the Lookout

Being the tallest of the trees, you easily have the best vantage point. However here it is still blocked by the bows of hemlock greenery. Farther up you see a platform woven from the branches which you might be able to see better from.

Examine the Map

Nestled into its branches are pots made from terracotta clay presumably collected from the banks of nearby streams you can hear in the distance. From these planters grows vines of ivy and great spilling mounds of lichen. Both hang lazily from the upper branches down to the two sibling trees below linking various points of interest with clear intentionality.

At this point there is a great panel of wood carved out of the side of the Hemlock and sanded smooth. Burned into the panel is a map that matches the branches above and below.