The Trees The Fork Hemlock Lookout

The woven branches here make a platform that rings the Hemlock. The branches above the platform have been trimmed back leaving an open space where you can look out over the forest and land beyond. Above the tree is too weak to support much weight.

The view is incredible. From here you can clearly see the two halves of the joined canopy of the trio of trees. Sprouting from the center is the hemlock you are on now reaching up with great draping branches. The Oak's bleached branches and Maple's green bows peak out below reaching horizontally more than vertically.

From here you can see the woods as a whole. Though the Trio's clearing sits on a local hill, the woods grow up around it in a sort of ring. The hemlock is quite tall however so you can see some things over the barrier.

The Mountain

In one direction you can see great mountains stretching out of the woods many tens of times higher than your current outlook. In places there are rocky outcroppings of blueish stone which would be nearly impossible to climb. In others the woods climb steeply but hold together in which there may be paths leading up. At the top, the trees part in a clearing. Given the view from here, its hard to imagine what you might see from up there.

The City

In another a direction you see a golden city backed by an ocean. Its hard to make out what the walls and buildings are made of but from here they shine with an almost metallic yellow color. Above some are great concave mirrors focusing beams of pale green blue and purple light in complex paths. In the center of the city is a massive tower that has many such beams directed toward it. At the top is a focal point which is much too bright to look at. Flickering out from the point and down toward the city is a single bright line that bounces rapidly from place to place resting there for a moment and then flitting away without any discernible pattern.

The Grasslands

In the final direction there are endless rolling hills. Occasional trees grow in bunches but much of the fields are empty with grass and greenery. They continue for miles into the distance until obscured by the atmosphere. The air is sublimely crisp and without smoke or fog, so it strikes you as odd that even still the limit to your vision in this direction is not the gradual dipping away due to the curve of the ground, but instead the slow slipping of details into the deep blue of the sky. It is very difficult to make out the line between sky and earth.