The Trees The Fork Oak Day76 - Isometric Rendering Textures

Make some debug textures for isometric rendering

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Today I worked on building a set of basic textures for testing out an isometric renderer. I'm incredibly slow when it comes to pixel art work so building a simple set of terrain textures and a simple entity to place in the world took all of my time. To make up for the lack of substantial progress I will do a writeup on the isometric renderer tomorrow.

In the meantime, it is much to late to do more, so I will leave you with the tile set I created and a test render I did with them in Monogame.


U0R0D0L0 U1R0D0L0 U1R0D0L1 U1R1D0L0 U1R1D1L1 Tree

Combined Rendered Terrain:

Combined Terrain

Till tomorrow,