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Mobile automation game




I am making an automation centered game based for iOS. The basic premise is to build a systems automation game where things are automated by building rudimentary programs out of simple blocks. As the player progresses more blocks are unlocked allowing the user to automate more and more things and do more complicated tasks.


A friend of mine and I have had a game idea rattling around for a couple years now, and now that I've gotten into a bit of a groove with dailies I think now might be the time to seriously concider working on it.


Not really sure yet. Just getting started.

Dev Log

??? is a part of my push to make tangible and documented progress on a project every day.

Day50 - Robot Game
Day60 - Setting up Mac
Day61 - Building IOS Apps in VS
Day73 - Visual Studio iOS Debug Debugging
Day74 - Debug Infrastructure and Text
Day75 - Poor Man's Animation Curves
Day76 - Isometric Rendering Textures
Day77 - Isometric Renderer
Day78 - Map Generation and iOS Debugging Improvements
Day79 - Nyx8 Colors and Wall Sprite
Day80 - TexturePacker Sprite Sheet Import
Day81 - Sprite Rendering and Gap Fix
Day82 - Refactored Entity Rendering and Arrow Sprites
Day83 - Isometric Picking
Day84 - Immediate Mode GUI Take 1