The Trees The Fork Oak Day63 - Garbage Refactoring

Refactored garbage block rendering to simplify and enable new multi line garbage block rendering

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Today I refactored the garbage block rendering code to enable a new style of multi line garbage block. After discussing texture options with my friend who provided the updated block graphics, we decided that building a high quality multi line garbage block texture which can be expanded to any height would be unreasonable in the new style.

Instead we are going to build a high quality version of each of the single block tall garbage blocks and add a lock sprite between them to indicate that the block is one unit. This makes good sense mechanic wise since multi line garbage blocks break one line at a time rather than all at once. So the new animation will have the bottom line break into separate blocks while leaving the blocks above unsplit.

Code Cleanup

With the above in mind, I now have the opportunity to delete a bunch of the clunky multi line block rendering in favor of a much simpler algorithm. Similarly, since the code is much smaller after deleting the unnecessary bits, I can move the render code back into the garbage block class. I moved the singleRowGarbageTexture function into garbage.js directly unchanged.

  function singleRowGarbageTexture(width) {
  switch (width) {
  case 3:
    return garbageImages.ThreeWide;
  case 4:
    return garbageImages.FourWide;
  case 5:
    return garbageImages.FiveWide;
  case 6:
    return garbageImages.SingleLine;
    throw "Invalid single high block.";

I also moved the main render utility into the render function of the Garbage class. Instead of the clunky render info list I replaced it with a simple for loop.

  render() {
  let topLeft = this.calculateTopLeft();
  for (let i = 0; i < this.gridDimensions.height; i++) {
      imageUrl: singleRowGarbageTexture(this.gridDimensions.width),
      position: topLeft.withY(topLeft.y - i * blockWidth).withZ(-0.1),
      dimensions: new Vector(this.gridDimensions.width * blockWidth, blockWidth),
      center: Vector.topLeft

Next up to build the new rendering system is to add some form of temperary dev art for the locked sprite as well as a particle system for the lock break animation.

Idle Optimization

Unrelated to the garbage block rendering update, I've been doing some development on my laptop which is much slower than my main dev machine. The higher resolution textures slowed down the drawing code a ton and made using emacs while the game was running unbearable. To fix this I added a check in the renderer

// Draw Calls //
export function drawToScreen() {
  if (document.hasFocus()) {
    gl.clearColor(0, 0, 0, 1);

This quick change stops the game from rerendering when it is not the focused window allowing me to make editor changes while the game is still running. A quick change but a big quality life improvement.

Thats it for today. Short posts for the next couple of days as I am busy attending a friends wedding, but I will see what I can do.

Till tomorrow,