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A browser remake of Nintendo's Tetris Attack




I am making a remake of Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo.


I broadly consider Tetris Attack to be my favorite game of all time, and I have wished there was a good mobile compatible version of it which could take advantage of more intuitive controls. This is my attempt at such a remake.


The current version of the game can be found here. Eventually this site should support playing the original game in an endless mode, as well as verses another human, but it will probably be a while.

Dev Log

Tetris Attack Remake is a part of my push to make tangible and documented progress on a project every day.

Day32 - Tetris Attack Clone
Day33 - Tetris Attack Planning
Day35 - Implement Block Grid
Day36 - TA Utilities and Touch
Day37 - Advancing Rows and Minor Cleanup
Day38 - Block Manipulation
Day39 - Block Matches
Day40 - WebGL Renderer
Day41 - Stop-Clock and Combo Struggles
Day42 - Finished Combos!
Day43 - New Block Art
Day45 - Switch to WebPack
Day46 - Tetris Attack Garbage Art
Day47 - Garbage Rendering
Day48 - Garbage Grid Rendering
Day49 - Garbage Physics
Day52 - Garbage Clearing
Day56 - Misc Combo Improvements
Day62 - New Blocks and Camera Shake
Day63 - Garbage Refactoring
Day65 - Multi Line Garbage Clearing
Day66 - Porting Tetris Attack to Typescript
Day68 - Conditional Types in Typescript
Day91 - Lose Screen Progress
Day92 - Lose Screen
Day93 - Express Server
Day94 - WebGL React Component