The Trees

You are at the base of 3 trees; a Hemlock, an Oak, and a Maple. The Oak and the Maple's trunks spiral around the center Hemlock making paths that you could follow. You estimate that 25 feet up, the three trees branch apart into isolated canopies.

At the base of the trees is a wooden sign with the following written on it:

Hi! I'm Kaylee. I'm a women of trans experience and this is my website. I am also a software developer who has worked on a number of things including Formal Verification, Program Synthesis, Developer Tooling, and some light Game Development. This is a place where I express myself and document my projects. Please explore and enjoy!

Climb the Spiral

With some effort you could follow the spiral path up to the fork of the 3 trees and get a closer look at each of the individually. Along the trunks of the spiralling Oak and Maple are a couple branches that arc up like a hand rail and the bark of bunches up periodically like steps leading upward.

Push Out Into the Woods

Moving your attention away from The Trees, you notice that they are growing in a short clearing at the top of a slight hill that acts to isolate them from the other trees of the larger forest. Directly opposite the sign at the base of the trio is a rough trail leading off into the woods.