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An invocation for beginnings



Its been a while! In an attempt to make my whiles shorter, I'm making some changes (hopefully). First, my posts are gonna be shorter. I want to write something each day, but I don't really mind if that something is small. This website should act as a repository for my thoughts and a motivator for progress. Beyond that I concider anything else gravy or maybe mash. Regardless, its extra!

I plan on, and for the most part have been, programming every day, but I have been pretty bad at writing about said programming. My grand project to do consistent and documentable work has been constrained to consistent and not really that documented. So to fill in the times when I do work, but don't feel like documenting it quite yet, I will write about things. I don't really feel like constraining it more than that.

Ze Frank

So in the spirit of writing about random things. I've been watching Ze Frank videos again. For those unfamiliar, I think of Ze as the father of modern video blogs. He revolutionized the idea of daily blogging and in many ways is the basis of my blogging efforts. He is referenced as the inspiration behind two channels on YouTube I quite like: Vlog Brothers and Wheezy Waiter.

His videos have an honesty about them which I find tragically unique. Watching his videos I can tell Ze loves life and he loves things in his life without caring how others might think about his affection. Ze conveys such energy that when watching it is impossible not to share in that energy. Ze talks about how he feels in no uncertain terms. He uses analogy and metephor to make his feelings known and to make them relatable. And in doing so Ze makes it clear that those who are feeling the same way are not alone.

I think it is easy to fall into the trap of looking down on the overly emotional. We see passion as lack of constraint, and outbursts of excitement or sadness as undersirable and weird. Looking back on my last 10 years of life or so, I think they are marked by constant attempts to constrain and restrain my emotions. I'm worried this is hurtful.

I wish to emulate Ze. I think I need more emotion in my life.

Ze's first video in the new Show With Ze Frank was called An Invocation for Beginnings. He talks about fear of starting and gathering one's motivation before a big task. I've linked it at the top of this post. I want to carry a similar emotion toward my new attempt at blogging. He ends the video with this line:

"There's no need to sharpen my pencils any more. My pencils are sharp enough. Even the dull ones will make a mark."

I love this. My pencils are sharp enough.

Till tomorrow!