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Pixel Art for 8Bomb Logo

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Today I worked on implementing in SCRIPT-8 a logo text for 8Bomb for use in a start screen. Unfortunately given that to import graphics in SCRIPT-8 each pixel has to be manually set, this task took a rediculous amount of time.

Given that the game is about avoiding bombs that fall from the sky, I decided to use a military stencil font as reference for the title text.

Font Reference

My strategy was to look at a ton of different stencil font images as reference, and build a low resolution pixel version in Paint.Net which was the correct size to fit width wise in the tile set.

Full Logo

I then took that logo and selected 8 by 8 squares to draw into the tile set in SCRIPT-8. This took a rediculous amount of time (all that I could spend today) but should put me in a good place to draw something interesting for the final start screen! The final result in the tile editor looks like this:

Finished In Script8

Since each tile is only a small portion of the full text, I will to render these as a set later, but this is sufficient work for today.

Till tomorrow,