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Miscellanious Pull Requests to SCRIPT-8

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Today I spent my time working on 3 pull requests for various issues in the SCRIPT-8 GitHub repo. None of them were really related to a project in particular, but I used the simple tasks as a forcing function to more closely understand the code base. Hopefully this will get me in good position to making more complicated changes later on.

Yesterday I visited the Fantasy Console Discord Server to see if there was any activity. Turns out people chat on the server somewhat frequently, so I decided to pop in and say hello. I mentioned that I was working on 8Bomb and that I would be willing to help contribute in any way I could. Gabriel pointed me to some issues which I then made pull requests for today.

Vertical Sprite Flip

The first of the three was very simple. SCRIPT-8 supports drawing flipped sprites by passing a boolean to the sprite function to indicate whether to flip horizontally over the vertical axis. There was an issue created requesting an extra boolean for flipping vertically as well.

This change was pretty similar to my previous getPixel and setPixel changes, so it went by pretty quickly.

  sprites[spriteIndex].slice(0, 8).forEach((cells, rowIndex) => {
  cells.split('').forEach((color, colIndex) => {
    if (color !== ' ') {
      const clamped = clamp(+color - darken, 0, 7)
      ctx.fillStyle = colors.rgb(clamped)
        Math.floor(x) + (flipHorizontal ? 7 - colIndex : colIndex),
        Math.floor(y) + (flipVertical ? 7 - rowIndex : rowIndex),

The important part was adding an identical inline condition that checks flipVertical and subtracts the rowIndex from 7 if a vertical flip was requested. Easy peasy. Gabriel merged the PR pretty quickly.

Token Count

The second PR was a bit more complicated. Fantasy consoles frequently impose character limits upon programs written for them to simulate the space constraints that existed on the old systems they are based on. Gabriel has mentioned that he is interested in adding a similar thing to SCRIPT-8, and had laid the groundwork via a simple minified source character count UI. This works, but tends to encourage poor coding style since character counts can be lowered by changing variables names etc.

Pico-8 generally concidered the best of all the fantasy consoles uses a token limit instead, so all variables reguardless of size count equally. Gabriel created an issue pointing toward acorn.js which is a parser for JavaScript written in JavaScript and suggesting that the character count recording should be implemented using it instead of the existing method.

After some searching I eventually found that the source code UI was located in a React container called Output. Previously there was a fair amount of repeated code and specialization to minify the source before counting.

  getSize() {
  const { game, songs, chains, phrases, sprites, map } = this.props

  const gameText = assembleOrderedGame(game)

  const gameTextLz = lz.compress(gameText)
  const art = JSON.stringify({ sprites, map })
  const artLz = lz.compress(art)
  const music = JSON.stringify({ phrases, chains, songs })
  const musicLz = lz.compress(music)

  const sizes = [
    ['code', gameText, gameTextLz],
    ['art', art, artLz],
    ['music', music, musicLz]

  return (
      {, i) => (
        <li key={i}>
          {d[0]}: {numberWithCommas(d[1].length)}/
        total: {numberWithCommas(sum( => d[1].length)))}/
        {numberWithCommas(sum( => d[2].length)))}

Instead of compressing the text and counting the size that way I used acorn's tokenizer at the suggestion of Gabriel to split the text into tokens, and then used the token count for the display.

  import { tokenizer } from "acorn";
const getTokenCount = src => {
  try {
    return numberWithCommas([...tokenizer(src)].length)
  } catch (error) {
    return "ERROR"

Since the tokenizer depends on the source being at least somewhat well formed, I wrapped the acorn call in a try catch to keep things happy.

Then I simplified the existing code a bit by storing the data in an object with useful property names, moving the total element into the same object, and using some lodash trickery to loop over the object and call getTokenCount with the correct arguments.

  getSize() {
  const { game, songs, chains, phrases, sprites, map } = this.props

  const code = assembleOrderedGame(game)
  const art = JSON.stringify({ sprites, map })
  const music = JSON.stringify({ phrases, chains, songs })
  const total = code + art + music

  const assets = {

  return (
      {_.toPairs(assets).map(pair => ((name, code) => (
        <li key={name}>
          {name}: {getTokenCount(code)}

I think these changes reduced the repeated code, and made things somewhat more understandable. It strayed a bit further than I normally like to from just doing the minimal change possible, but Gabriel didn't seem to mind because he merged the PR shortly after I posted it.

Scroll Bug

The last PR I created was the most complicated. As mentioned above, SCRIPT-8 uses React to render the UI. It also uses a library called CodeMirror for the text editor. There was already support for preserving the scroll position across tab changes, but there was an issue to add support for preserving the cursor position as well.

This seems like an easy change, but SCRIPT-8 also uses a library called Redux for state management, which formalizes how the app stores and modifies state. This makes the application easier to reason about, but makes it much harder to change the state manipulation in the app.

With Redux, all state changes must be done via specialized actions which are like events that describe the change to be made. This means if a new type of action is introduced, it must be added in many different places.

My initial attempt at the change added an entirely new action for cursor position storage. After chatting in the discord for a bit, we decided to instead modify the existing scrollInfo action to also contain the cursor position. In the process I also renamed the scrollInfo action to be scrollData to differentiate it from the scrollInfo in CodeMirror.

The actual changes were pretty small, just record the cursor position any time the editor unmounts, and restore the cursor position when the code editor is remounted. The code in the code editor component had a fair amount of repitition, so I will show one example of the store and load routines.

  // If found, restore scroll data.
const { scrollData } = activeGame
if (scrollData) {
  this.codeMirror.scrollTo(scrollData.left || 0, || 0)

If scrollData is a property in the activeGame object which contains the state, then the codeMirror object is told to scroll to the store position and set the cursor to the stored position.

  componentWillUnmount() {
  window.removeEventListener('keyup', this.hideSlider)
  const activeGame = getActive(
  const scrollInfo = this.codeMirror.getScrollInfo()
  const cursorPosition = this.codeMirror.getCursor()
  const scrollData = { top:, left: scrollInfo.left, cursorPosition }
  this.props.setScrollData({ scrollData, tab: activeGame.key })
    index: activeGame.key,
    history: this.codeMirror.getDoc().getHistory()

Similarly if the component is unmounted, the scroll position and cursor position are stored and set using the setter passed to the component.

That was about it, getting to the point of understanding what the issue was and how to make the intended changes took a while, but in the end I am pretty sure I did it correctly. As of writing, this PR has not yet merged, but Gabriel mentioned to me that he was planning on taking a look at it shortly.

I find the process of contributing to an open source project very satisfying as the nitty gritty pieces such as build system, documentation etc are for the most part already ironed out, so what I get to work on is a cohesive app already working. It also gives me the chance to practice reading and understanding code that I didn't write. My hope is that as I do this more frequently my ability to read and understand code for my work will improve. Time will tell.

Tomorrow I am going skiing, so I will likely have less time to work on my daily. I will try to come up with something though.

Till tomorrow,