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Today instead of doing much programming, I decided to do some site maintenance. It has been bugging me for a while that I don't have a central place on the blog that contains a list of all of the projects I am working on as a part of the Every Day posts so for my daily today, I decided to fix that.

Zola, the Rust based static site generator I have been using, has two main content concepts: Sections and Pages. Since I already implemented a simple section template and page template for the blog, adding a new concept on the same level as the blog was as easy as creating a new folder and writing posts just like I have been writing blog posts.

For descriptions, I tried to summarize each project without rewriting much of the related blog posts. For the tools I gave a description of what each does, why I wanted it, and how to use it. Each of the projects are listed on the central project page. I have linked to the current projects here:

Daily Blog Okeydokey Pando 8Bomb

From now on, each blog post will contain a link to the associated project page (excluding meta posts about the blog), and each project page will contain a link to all of the blog posts which make progress on the project. Hopefully this will make the site more descoverable and useful to any that might read it. Furthermore, I will link to these project pages from each of the associated GitHub repos.

In a future post I may automate this process using the tags feature in Zola, but for now I think handling it manually is fine until it starts to bug me.

Quick post today, but I think I've done more than enough writing for one day. I'll be back to the regularly scheduled projects next time.

Till tomorrow,