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Intro to Everydays

Project Page

Recently while procrastinating on some personal project work I ran across site buy a guy who goes by the handle Beeple. According to his site he has been posting a new image every day for nearly the past 12 years.

So in my infinite hubris I decided to try something similar, coding style. I have made it my goal to post some tangible progress on some publicly visible project every day for the next month. Consider this my first every day!

The Blog - Technical Details

I decided to implement the blog as a static site hosted on Github Pages, but instead of going the usual route of using Jekyll for generation I did some research and landed on Zola. My reasoning was that I wanted a clean and fast way to build the site locally instead of posting the source for the blog on the public GitHub pages branch. This allows me to keep experiments local and just publish things with the draft features when I think it is ready.

Currently the site is incredibly bare bones using a super simple typography friendly reset and semantic html tags. I plan on spending some time styling everything in a future daily (maybe using functional css for kicks). Clearly it needs some work though.


I have a couple of ideas for bite sized projects to talk about as well as longer form projects I think I can break up into documentable pieces. Possible options include:

Some of the above are projects I have already spent significant time on. However I'm going to tell myself this is ok because 1: I don't want to kill myself with this and 2: these things need documented. I will use the time to pull out understandable parts of the existing code and maybe rewrite parts to be more presentable. This should be a good way to get myself bootstrapped and ease into it.

I'm hopeful that by forcing myself to write about my side projects, it will help me to be more organized and ideally motivate me to push projects to a more completed state. At the very least it will give me posts to point to to show off the random crap I build. Wish me luck!

Till tomorrow,