The Trees The Fork Maple Day21 - Jealousy



This part of the tree is starkly different than the rest. Up till now the growth of the maple compared to the other trees was way faster. It leapt up in spurts making massive strides like an avalanche. The greenery was inevitable. Like falling.

Here is different. The growth is slow and cautious. Each time the Maple pushes forward, the oak inserts itself. That's not quite right, the oak took this space years ago. Not out of malicious intent, just because that's what was expected of it. Regardless, its in the way and progress is difficult. Each step forward is hard fought and requires encouraging the oak to let go. Its painful.

The Maple is joyful all the same, as with other parts of the Trio, there is incredible happiness to be had here. It takes time and care. As you inspect this place where the Maple and Oak compete, you can see the mark of loving hands. A piece of twine moving a young branch into a clearer path. The occasional pruned branch where growth would have caused problems instead of helped. Once noticed, the touches of these hands can be seen everywhere. Nothing harsh, but ubiquitous. Counting the effects would be impossible. Too many to count and often subtle. She would not be the same or likely here at all without this guidance and care.

Even still the Maple is constantly pushing against the oak's presence. It presses against every bark and branch the oak has left behind from it's own youth. The Maple will succeed in the end, but it yearns for what it might have been like to grow through this place unrestrained. What might have happened if she was planted first instead of he. How tall might she have grown. How wonderful her leaves if he had not taken the light before her. The Maple weeps here angling down toward the ground instead of ever upward as usual.

But she is prevented from doing so. Each drooping branch is bent upward toward the light. Gently, but consistently. The hands never tire and she is better for it.