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Popup Tool Bar




A popup toolbar for easy access to one off utilities.


Frequently I find myself wanting an omnipresent way to activate small one shot utilities similar to the mac task bar. I could do this in windows directly, but I would like a clean way for the tools to have completion information and documentation which isn't easy to do in the start menu. My solution is to build a command bar which is summonable via a key combination globally. The tool will then have a mechanism for automatically adding elements to the completion list at any time.


This project is actually one that I have worked on in the past (pre daily blog posts) but my old version was a single c# app with the tools built in. I am going to adapt that project to be more extensible and allow for any application with the correct format and registration to show up in the command list.

Dev Log

Traffic Control is a part of my push to make tangible and documented progress on a project every day.

Day69 - Popup Tool Bar
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